A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Repair damage to a solar space habitat bombarded by asteroids!


- WASD to move forward/left/right/backward

- Space to move up

- Control or C to move down


Grab bars from the floating chests, and place them to repair damaged sections. The more damage the dome sustains, the faster air will deplete.


Ryan Roden Corrent (rcorre): Programming, 3D modelling

Brent (arehartsounds): Composer

Nat (fokai): Sound

Adan (Adan's Workshop): 3D Modelling

Anime: 3D Modelling, Environment design


wildjam-38-windows.zip 29 MB
Version 26 Oct 17, 2021
wildjam-38-linux.zip 30 MB
Version 24 Oct 17, 2021
wildjam-38.zip 40 MB
Version 5 Oct 17, 2021

Install instructions

Install via the itch app, or download and run the executable for your platform.

The mac build is _not_ signed, and may only run via the itch app.

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