Entry for Godot Wild Jam #39.

You are the Dungeoneer, a tactical mastermind charged with preventing adventurers from successfully navigating the dungeon that leads to your evil lord's loot. But be careful before you get too comfortable, for who knows what could await you should you perform your task too well...

Placement controls:

  •  1,2,3 keys or click buttons to select props
  • Click on the map to place props
  • Click the Ready button to send the hero through 

Adventuring controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Left Click to attack
  • F to open chests


See https://github.com/rcorre/wildjam-39/blob/main/README.md for asset credits.


wildjam-39-linux.zip 36 MB
Version 102 Dec 05, 2021
wildjam-39-windows.zip 35 MB
Version 102 Dec 05, 2021
wildjam-39.zip 47 MB
Version 101 Dec 05, 2021

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If you have audio trouble on the HTML version, please try a local version instead! We put a lot of work into audio and want you to appreciate it!

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