A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A turn-based RPG created for Godot Wild Jam #48.

To cure your werewolf curse, you must slay the werewolf who bit you before the full moon. Visit the shrines in the east, west, and south to empower your werewolf form, then face the wolf in the north. You tranform into a werewolf every night.


Controls (all are customizeable):

WASD: Move

E: Eat an apple

F: Fire your bow

Move into enemies to attack. Move into merchants to purchase their wares. Move into a shrine to gain a bonus to your werewolf form.


- Transforming to or from a werewolf restores health fully. Time combat around the day/night cycle to regenerate health when you need it.

- Bats have high attack but low health. Use your bow to take them down from afar. A merchant to the west sells arrows, and another sells an upgrade to increase bow range.

- Skeletons are tough, but the sword and shield sold to the east can give you an edge 

- Try to time combat with enemies so you get the first strike

- Eating an apple spends a turn, so having a few apples on hand can allow you to idle while waiting for an enemy to move in range


- Music: https://xdeviruchi.itch.io/8-bit-fantasy-adventure-music-pack

- Sprites: https://kenney.nl/assets/bit-pack

- Sound: http://sfxr.me/

- Background: https://thewisehedgehog.itch.io/tmb


wolfbane-linux.zip 21 MB
Version 12 Aug 21, 2022
wolfbane-windows.zip 20 MB
Version 11 Aug 21, 2022
wolfbane-mac.zip 33 MB
Version 11 Aug 21, 2022


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I'm glad I came back after the voting period to finish this game - the victory tune is a real banger!

This is an underappreciated master piece as far as I know. Great job!

Thanks, so glad you came back after the jam! The music came from this really incredible (free!) pack on itch.io: https://xdeviruchi.itch.io/8-bit-fantasy-adventure-music-pack